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What are President Games?

President Games are super funny point-and-click adventures, reaction games and other ridiculous challenges featuring some of the former as well as acting presidents of the world. Some are elected, some are bought and some fight their way to the top in the nastiest way imaginable. Whatever your opinion of certain influential political figures might be, these President Games allow you to poke fun at them. The high-brow satirists here at have chosen the very best games for you to indulge in some excessive silliness at the expense of the powerful and wealthy.

A president is often the head of state in many countries, particularly republics, and given notable amounts of representational and political power. While most often elected to work for the people they represent, there are also cases in which foreign goverments get people into the position of president in another country to help their own agendas. For example by destablizing and disrupting the political processes in those countries. The current president of the United States of America is Donald J. Trump. The president of the Russian Federation is Vladimir Putin. Most of the president games in this category are about them.

So get ready to laugh and make fun of presidential cartoons with these silly president games. Thankfully, the games in this category are all free and can be played without downloads or registration. Here you can find the best President Games like Trump Donald, Push Trump Off a Cliff Again!, Jumping Kim, Obama Dragon Ball Z and many more. Have fun!

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