Rainbow Games

What are Rainbow Games?

Rainbow Games are especially beautiful and colorful games about the fascinating natural phenomenon that one can observe whenever rain and sun decide to coexist and you can enjoy them online and for free on Silvergames.com. So, who really has the time to sit at the window and wait for a rainbow to happen? Here you can play the best Rainbow Games no matter what the weather is like and enjoy the beautiful colors without even stepping foot outside the door.

How about you start with the amazing baking and cooking game Rainbow Cake Cooking? Vincy is having her birthday party tomorrow and you have to help her baking the most beautiful rainbow cake. In this fun cooking simulator, Rainbow Cake Cooking, you have to go step by step to prepare all colorful layers for an amazing birthday cake. You'd rather start the other way around? Then try the Rainbow Poop game! The poor cat has to do its business, but there is no toilet nearby. Help the cute, rainbow-colored pile of shit to make it through what comes next. Run and jump along platforms while dodging falling toilet papers. 

If that sounds too nasty for you, why don't you play Rainbow Stacker, a relaxing and fun click and reaction game. It is your aim to keep stacking colorful blocks by clicking in the right moment. It is important to be patient and precise otherwise your run will be over very soon. There are other fun Rainbow Games like Little Pony Big War, Reimagine: The Game, Staggering Beauty and many more. Just browse through our wonderful collection and choose your favorite game. Have fun!

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