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What are Roller Coaster Games?

Roller Coaster Games are track building and tycoon games about the most popular attraction in the amusement park. In our free online selection of the best roller coaster games here at you'll design these cool constructions and even get to drive them yourself. A roller coaster is a ride where one or more cars or trains running on rails travel a track that makes all the passengers scream at the top of their voices during the ride.

Roller coasters are among the most popular and largest attractions at public festivals and amusement parks. Be a roller coaster manager and build the most exciting rides. Throw your hands in the air and feel the speed as you go up and down through these fantastic 3D games. You can build roller coasters with tight turns, steep loops and inversions. Manage your own awesome amusement park and charge guests money for fast fun.

There are no limits to your creativity, so make your roller coaster the highlight of the amusement park. Let the cars whiz up into the air and race them back down to the ground at top speed to earn points. Do you have what it takes to be a manager and engineer and can you crack the high score? Our best roller coaster games are waiting for you here, so race straight into your fun. Have fun playing them, as always online and free on!

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