Santa Claus Games

What are Santa Claus Games?

Santa Claus Games are fun games with Father Christmas who brings gifts to us every year. It's Christmas time, the whole year round on A Christmas is nothing without Santa Claus. That is why we created this collection of the best online Santa Claus games in the world. Here on, you can become Santa yourself and deliver presents to the kids or help him to overcome all the obstacles on the way from one house to another.

Santa Claus is a legendary figure in the Western culture. People, especially children, believe that on the night of Christmas Eve, he brings gifts to the well-behaved kids. Santa Claus is usually depicted as an old white-bearded man with glasses wearing a red coat with white fur, red trousers, a red hat with white fur and black leather belt and boots. He also carries a bag full of presents for children. Some people also believe that Santa makes a list of well and bad-bahaved children every year. In our fun Santa games you will have to help this kind old man to make it to every house in the world in just one night. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of our free online Santa Claus games and start playing right now! 

Most Played Santa Claus Games