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What are Squid Game Games?

Squid Game Games are a collection of deadly challenges taken from the incredibly successful Korean series in which people play with their lives. In Squid Game, hundreds of cash-strapped players accept an invitation to compete against each other in children's games and take the risk to die in the process. Only one player will make it until the end of the games and win the tempting prize, so the chance of surviving is rather small. Are you going to win this competition - against all odds?

How about you start with the very first game: Green Light Red Light. As the giant doll sings showing her back to the competitors, the light on the top right part of the screen will be green, meaning you will have to run towards the finish line. When she stops singing, the light will turn red, so you will have to stop running or you will get shot in your face. This sounds rather simple, as all the games do, but be careful: you only have to do one mistake and you'll be dead.

Are you both strong and clever? Then play Tug of War. On every side of the screen there will be a group of players, which will have to pull the rope as hard as possible in order to pull the other players to the middle of the screen. The thing is, there’s only a guillotine in the middle, that will cut the rope, making the losing team fall into a painful death. There is one thing you can be sure of: in Squid Game, the word mercy is non-existent. So try to give your best and play one of our fun Squid Game Games like Squid Game Kogama, Squid Game Glass Bridge, Squid Game Dalgona Challenge or many more. Ready to risk your life? Much fun!

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