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Stealing Games are cool puzzle games that are all about robbery and deception. Stealing is defined as the taking of another's movable property with the intention of unlawfully appropriating it for oneself or someone else. If force is threatened during the stealing, it is robbery. Theft is a property crime and is therefore punishable by law, but in our fun online games here at you can steal as much as you want without being prosecuted.

For example, help the cunning thief Bob the Robber to search countless rooms, solve tricky puzzles and get away with lots of money in the end. In the last decade, thefts have dropped to a third, but that doesn't apply to the virtual world. Here in our thieving online games, the stealing rate is still high and you are responsible for keeping it that way.

Take everything that isn't nailed down, because you might need it at a later date. No matter who the items belong to, once they are in your hands, they are yours. Do you have the necessary strategic thinking, the inconspicuous behavior and the lightning-fast mind to be a professional thief? Try your hand at our online stealing games at and steal what you can. Have fun!

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