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Terrorist Games is a category in which you will mainly find multiplayer first-person shooters with powerful guns and challenging missions. Since being a terrorist in real life is neither desirable, cool nor allowed, you can do it in the virtual world by playing one of our badass terrorist games. Here you can choose from your huge arsenal of weapons and go on your missions regardless.

Do you enjoy shooting around with all sorts of weapons and taking out all your opponents one by one? Then this category of shooting games is definitely the right one for you. Be prepared to find yourself in a fight with several other players and try to be the last one to survive. Put on a mask and run through the desert while placing bombs and shooting around with your bazooka.

In these great shooter games you can play alone or in multiplayer IO battles with countless players from all over the world to see who is better. There are many different games in this category, but you definitely shouldn't be afraid of guns and shootouts. Have fun immersing yourself in another world and play our best Terrorist games online for free on Silvergames.com!

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