Traffic Light Games

What are Traffic Light Games?

Traffic Light Games are driving and management games in which the player regulates the traffic with signal lights at intersections and pedestrian crossings. Drive a taxi and stop correctly at each traffic light. Manage a huge crossroad and prevent car accidents by controlling the signal light. Or simply play one of the fun games with stop lights for kids. Our collection of the best Traffic Light Games here on will provide you with hours of colorful fun.

Try the Electric Train Simulator, a fun addicting train engineering simulator, in which you have to control a huge train safely through a beautiful land. You can also play City Bus Simulator and control one of those big public transportation vehicles around a city collecting passengers. But don't forget: always look out for those bright traffic signals in order to avoid crashes and make it to the very end of every level.

If you are into a real challenge, try, a fun-addicting traffic control game. Your task is to control the traffic, avoiding having vehicles crashing with each other and all you need to do is to tap on them to make them stop and tap again to make them start moving again. Or did you always want to be a light bulp? Play Lampada Street and be a weird, breakdancing light bulbs that just want to reach the other side of the road. If you like shining lights in all colors then this category is the right one for you, so what are you waiting for? Have fun with our collection of Traffic Light Games, online and for free on!

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