Trap Games

What are Trap Games?

Trap Games are fun puzzle, platform, torture and reaction games in which you will be trapped and need to escape. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator with no idea how to get out of there? You can also turn the tables and try to stop others from escaping by blocking them. No matter which side you want to play on, if you want to succeed in this fun category of the best Trap Games, you need to be a master of understanding the concept of escaping. 

In our great trap games you can use acid, chainsaws, spikes, machine guns and many other tools to trap and then torture your opponents. If that's too violent for you, you can also just build traps that trap funny stick figures. Think you're smart enough to escape from a trap yourself? Run through a maze and try to find the exit and make it to the next level.

Press buttons to move platforms and get out of tricky situations, and make it out of any desperate situation. Do you think you can do it? There are more great trap games, such as The N Game, Circle The Cat, Block The Pig and many more. Are you ready yet? Have fun with our great compilation of the best Trap Games, online and free on!

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