Unicorn Games

What are Unicorn Games?

Unicorn Games are animal simulator games about magical creatures with a horn on the forehead. Enter the online world of flying unicorns, take care of them and their cute babies and pick up the poop to stay clean. Have fun at the unicorn surprise party or build your own robot horse. Bake a delicious cake in one of the online cooking games and surprise your unicorn friends. Here you will find cool free games about friendly horses for boys and girls. 

Everyone is crazy about unicorns. These legendary magic creatures seem to conquer our world. Everywhere you go, you see them! People believe these fantasy creatures bring luck, well let's see if it's true. Choose one of the best Unicorn Games from our great collection and try to get lucky! Ride over the rainbow and let your unicorn jump over the hurdles.

Beautiful magic horses in all possible colors and with different fairy abilities are waiting for you to follow them through some exciting adventures. Control a virtual unicorn and help it to survive and overcome all the obstacles. You can also play the role of a jockey and take part in horse racing. Have fun with our free Unicorn Games!

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