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Upgrade Games let you develop and improve your character by purchasing new and better equipment. In our top selection of the best free online upgrade games you can improve your car by replacing and improving individual parts after each race. In other cases you might have an easier time fighting back zombies, if you build a bigger and better gun to shoot them with. Even simple idle clicker games become more fun and addicting, once playing them gets you upgrades and improvements. Thanks to our crazy and exciting upgrade games here at Silvergames.com, even your RPG party will grow and improve thanks to your smart decisions and skillful play.

In our upgrade games you can build towers to lofty heights, feed snakes until they're miles long, dig deep into the earth to discover valuable treasures, or amass so much wealth that you'll never have to worry about money again. Make sure that your development never stops, but that your abilities continue to grow in each level and you become more and more powerful. 

Use your time wisely and keep improving your stuff to become even more efficient and successful. Try our online multiplayer upgrade games where you can fight with other players, friends and enemies. Win racing games with your tuned-up car or shooting matches with your new and improved gun. Build more houses and factories to increase your income over time and dominate in our awesome fun upgrade games. You can also just take on more and more epic quests in our rpg games, where you upgrade your characters after each successful mission.

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