Vampire Games

What are Vampire Games?

Vampire Games are free horror and adventure games involving evil bloodsuckers. Create a love story between a werewolf and a vampire and dress up Dracula for the first date. Play as a knight and try to survive in our online vampire games for girls and boys. Play a role of a bloodthirsty monster and try to escape the hunters. Put on a white powder make up for the perfect romance or hunt the civilians.

In online vampire games, players can control human eating monsters or become a werewolf. Help vampires to come from their graves and suck the blood of persons by biting their necks. Plunge into the gruesome world of immortal bloodsuckers and see how long you can survive. Spend a night at the Hotel Transylvania or become a member of a vampire family. These and more adventures are waiting for you in our free vampire games.

Choose one of our best vampire games and manage your own monster hotel. Look for fresh blood or fight vampires to survive as a regular civilian. Search for hunts in a haunted castle and solve all the puzzles to save your character. Go with a bloodsucker through all scenes and unravel the mysteries behind to fulfill the missions.

Most Played Vampire Games

Flash Games

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