Virus Games

What are Virus Games?

Virus Games are awesome strategy games, action games, disease spreading games and addicting clicker games for you to enjoy online and for free on We certainly have all learned quite a bit about viruses this year, so how about you use your newly aquired knowledge in our fun Virus Games. Here you can create a disease, try to spread it all over the world and kill everyone.

If this sounds a bit too macabre for you, maybe you enjoy being a tiny microbe instead. Eat as many proteins as possible in order to become bigger and bigger and eat up your enemies. In this infectious category you will not only find a viruses, but also bacteria and parasites. Just pick your poison and try to do as much evil as possible.

Do you want to be a real scientist and learn while playing? We also offer online games for real experts, in which you have to evolve your microorganisms and battle for petri dish dominance. Just browse through our cool compilation of the best Virus Games and choose your favorite one, like Pandemic Simulator, Agario, Vaccine Idle and many more. Much fun!

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