Wood Games

Wood Games are down to earth puzzle, woodworking, axe throwing and idle clicking games that circle around the wonderful material made by nature and you can enjoy them online and for free on Silvergames.com. Are you a real nature girl or boy and love to spend most of your time out in the nature with God's creations? Then this category is definitely the right one for you, because you will have to get your hands dirty in our best Wood Games.

How about you start with Wood Shop, a fun-addicting game about woodworking. This amazing task consists on using different tools to alter the shape of a spinning piece of wood in order to create symmetrical objects, like a cup or a chess piece. Once you are done with the shape, you also get the chance of painting your object in the colors you want. Another fun Wood Game is Lumber, a simple game with only 2 rules. Split as much lumber as possible. Don't kill the cute little bird! This game is super easy to learn and you will be addicted in no time so start right away, take the axe in your hand and cut as much lumber as you possibly can.

If you are in the mood to destroy something, play Burn Everything, an addictive fire and destruction puzzle game. Use a simple match to set some blocks of wood and grass on fire. Aim is to burn everything completely in each stage. To reach your goal you can move only green marked blocks and can use the power of wind or dynamite. There are other fun games like Axe Throw, The Sandbox, Grindcraft 2 and many more. So just browse through our great compilation and play the best Wood Games. Have fun!

Wood Games

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