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What are Worm .io?

Worm IO games and fun addicting multiplayer games for you to play on Silvergames.com. Being a vertebrate is highly overrated. Life and play is so much easier if you can just slither across the ground whenever you feel like it. Thanks to these Worm IO games, we have dutifully collected, you can now experience the joy of slipping and sliding! So what are you waiting for?

Worm IO games take a simple premise like moving a worm around on screen eating pebbles, fruit and other smaller worms, and make them fun by adding cute graphics, a worldwide online multiplayer mode and the ability to eliminate other players from the game. As everybody is hurrying across the landscape to eat up anything they can find, players' worms grow, expand and speed up. Soon enough the biggest and most powerful worms are throwing their weight around, collecting more and more of the randomly generated food the game spews out for you.

Rely on your reflexes, move cleverly and stick out the difficult early levels and soon you will also be rewarded with players from all over the world keeping a respectful distance from you. So, if you're in the mood for some lightning fast gameplay and the never-ending online challenges of players aiming for number one, you should dive right into these Worm IO games. Choose between awesome games like Worms Zone, Wormate.io, Slither.io and many more. Much fun!

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