Zombie Defense Games

Zombie Defense Games are cool shooter games in which you'll have to defend yourself against the creepy undead. When the world has been taken over by evil, bloodthirsty undead, there is only one thing you should keep in mind: defend yourself and survive as long as possible. In this selection of fun zombie defense games, you'll have to act quickly and do everything you can to protect yourself from endless hordes of creepy zombies.

Grab a gun and start shooting to keep the horrible creatures away from you. There will be bigger and bigger waves of zombies coming at you and you have to be armed to keep them all away. Collect points and upgrade your weapons to become unstoppable. Cool shooting games, range games and strategy games can be found in this list.

Check out some of these fun but challenging defense games like Last Line of Defense, Zombie Train and Zombies vs. Penguins. Just browse through our compilation of the best zombie defense games and pick your new favorite. As always, online and free on Silvergames.com, have fun!

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