The Final Earth 2

Rating: 4.4

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The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 is a fascinating population retro game with pixel graphics in which you have to populate a deserted planet full of resources. Let’s travel some years to the future, to a time where planet Earth is no longer habitable. Humans need to find a new place to live and start to evolve as a civilization from scratch.

Start by building woodcutting centers and stone mines to gather some resources. Once you have built houses, schools and farms, you can focus on other kinds of buildings, like recreation parks, pubs or even night clubs, because every civilization needs to have fun, no matter the planet. Do you think you can take humanity back to normal and start living peacefully in a new environment? Try it now and have fun playing this free online game The Final Earth 2 on!

Controls: Mouse


The Final Earth 2: Grow PopulationThe Final Earth 2: Population Growth GameplayThe Final Earth 2: Growth GameplayThe Final Earth 2: Population Growth Gameplay

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