Trollface Quest USA 2

Rating: 4.0

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Trollface Quest USA 2

Trollface Quest USA 2 is the sequel to the hilarious free online Trollface Quest about the United States of America. You have already passed every stage of the first part, and you knew this one was coming, so get ready to troll those poor innocent Americans once again. Troll Donald Trump before he finishes his stupid speech. Mess around in the famous Walk of Fame.

Ruin some dumb guy’s life on Wall Street. Think you can solve each one of these puzzles? Don't even try to find logic in these funny quests, because there is none! Just go with your guts and enjoy the riddles. Have fun with this free online game Trollface Quest USA 2 on!

Controls: Mouse


Trollface Quest USA 2: MenuTrollface Quest USA 2: Level SelectionTrollface Quest USA 2: Gameplay Point And ClickTrollface Quest USA 2: Gameplay

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