Tug of Heads

Rating: 4.2

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Tug of Heads

Tug of Heads is a fun addicting game for 2 players to enjoy some duels head to head. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Play against your best friend on the same computer or against the all mighty CPU and do your best to hit your opponent’s head on the ground to win round after round in lots of different levels.

Try to move your character to perform all sorts of moves that could get your enemy to literally lose his head. Be careful with the spinning saws and, of course, the walls and the floor, because one hit and you will lose the point. Earn five points to win the match. Have fun playing Tug of Heads!

Controls: Arrows / WAD


Tug Of Heads: MenuTug Of Heads: Duell GameplayTug Of Heads: 2 Player BattleTug Of Heads: Gameplay Duell Multiplayer

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