Whack Your Neighbour

Rating: 3.7

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Whack Your Neighbour

Whack Your Neighbour is another bloody game inspired by Whack Your Boss. Your neighbour is a pain in the ass? Pretty sure everyone has or had an extremely annoying neighbour in their life. It's time for revenge! It is completely human that sometimes people just don't get along. But you could never hurt your neighbour in real life because that would most probably result in jail for you. Luckily there are online games like this one, where you can set your brutal immagination and creativity free to generate some laughs - at least for yourself.

Choose one of 27 Ways to Whack Your Neighbour and shut him up permanently. Click on the different items in the picture and see what happens. Featuring many typical and everyday garden objects to use, the game offers a blend of creativity and direct kill methods. Much fun with Whack Your Neighbour!

Controls: Mouse


Whack Your Neighbour: MenuWhack Your Neighbour: Gameplay Killing NeighborWhack Your Neighbour: Killed By TreeWhack Your Neighbour: Whack Neighbor Gameplay

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