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What are Angry Games?

Angry Games are fun destruction, distance and action games that will raise your blood pressure and hopefully make you less angry than you were at the beginning. Here you can definitely blow off some steam and do your Anger Management while playing our fun Angry Games. So browse through our funny collection and vent your anger.

Anger is a very strong emotion and often an impulsive and aggressive reaction triggered by a situation or remark that is perceived as unfair, such as an insult. The affect action that follows is called frenzy or rage. Rage is more violent than anger and more difficult to control than anger. Anger drives people to commit a wide variety of acts, such as murder. 

Have you ever angered someone until they blew up with rage? In our Angry Games you can provoke for hours or let yourself be driven mad. Well, are you angry yet? Have fun with our compilation of Angry Games, as always online and free on!

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