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What are Angry Games?

Angry Games is a collection of fun destruction, distance and action games that will raise your blood pressure and hopefully make you less angry than your were in the beginning. You can definitely let off some steam and enjoy your anger management while playing our fun Angry Games. How about you start by playing one of the popular episodes of Angry Gran? Try for example Angry Gran Run, a free running game where players have to control an old lady and help her to reach the finish line on every level. After the granny breaks out of the Angry Asylum she is on the loose. Help her to knock down brutal punks while she is running along the street. You can even play with the old lady in Japan or on Christmas.

Or how about playing an angry shark in Killer Whale Game, swimming around in the ocean eating humans? Another fun one is Angry Shark, a cool destruction game full of blood and action. Control a crazy shark and try to kill as many people as possible, destroy boats and even perform superjumps to attack helicopters and airplanes. The more you destroy and kill, the higher your score. Your are more into four-legged animals? No problem, try Angry Goat Simulator, a funny destruction game. Have you ever seen a mad goat? They can be scary as hell when they are angry, so you better get out of their way or you, your car or even huge structures may be crashed yards away by they hard heads. 

You are extremely angry and want to hurt something or someone? Then try The Rage Meme vs. Trollface FFFUUU and shout until you are less angry. Are you angry at one particular person? Maybe your boss? Then play Angry Boss, a fun addicting clicker game about one of humanity’s most hated creatures ever and how to get rid of them. Is your boss being a prick? Are you working unpaid extra hours like a fool to make him rich? This idle game is perfectly suited for you. Hurt him as much as you can with all kinds of weapons and kill him as many times as you like. Are you angry yet? Have fun with our compilation of Angry Games, online and for free on!

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