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What are Jelly Games?

Jelly Games are rather soggy distance platform and puzzle games with this funny looking, slippery mass of gelatin dessert. Do you just love this wobbly glibbery and often very colorful and sweet food? Then you are definitely right in this category. Here you can play with jelly, puzzle with it, throw it, swim with jellyfish or try to fit pieces of jelly through tiny gaps. Just browse through our fun collection and choose your favorite Jelly Game, online and for free on!

Jelly is easy to make, you just combine gelatin with sugar and fruit juice and that's basically it. You can find jelly in all kinds of shapes and forms. No matter if it's yellow, blue, red or orange: jelly is liked by pretty much everyone and people of all ages. Thanks to its glibbery nature, jelly is great for making it jump or squeeze to fit through small openings. It's jelly time!

Here on you can play match-3-puzzle games and try to combine as many jellies of the same kind as possible in order to get rid of them and clear the stage. Are you a fan of the cute jellyfish? Play great underwater games and swim through the ocean with this cool creature. Here you will find the best Jelly Games available in the internet, so what are you waiting for? Much fun!

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