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What are Supermarket Games?

Supermarket Games are shopping and management games for girls and boys where you are the manager or customer in a superstore. Work as a manager of a big supermarket and manage the work schedule of your team and the purchase of best-selling products. Drive through the corridors with a shopping cart asa fast as you can and do not hurt other customers. Or relax with one of our free supermarket games for kids!

Online supermarket games generally fall into one of two categories: shopping games and business games. Whereas the former are all about picking the things you need from the offers given, the latter let you run your own supermarket. Buy product, arrange it neatly so that customers find what they're looking for, and quickly. Keep an eye on your expenses and your income as you try to balance your financial responsibilities with the opportunities each new customer represents. If either is too stressful for you, why not simply try a fun little online game set in a supermarket? 

So what are you waiting for? The entrepreneurial spirit is alive here at and you can have a taste of it with our free supermarket games. Buy things and sell them. Open a tiny shop and become the ultimate supermarket tycoon. Enjoy playing the best free supermarket games here on!

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