Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

Rating: 4.6

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Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

Amazing Crime Strange Stickman is a fascinating third person shooting game to play online and for free on In this 3D stickman shooter, you will take on the role of a strange character with cool powers. Who wouldn't love to be a superhero or even a super villain?

Make the unhuman power to your own like super speed, climbing like Spiderman and a deadly ray coming out of your eyes like Superman. Also, you can just grab a gun and start shooting the hell out of anyone stepping in your way. Jump on cars, be invincible and don't let anyone get to you. Avoid getting shot down by the cops and try to complete all the given tasks. You have to complete multiple tasks like killing gangsters, stealing bikes or destroying vehicles. Become the king of the streets! Have fun with Amazing Crime Strange Stickman!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / attack, Space = jump, Shift = run


Amazing Crime Strange Stickman: MenuAmazing Crime Strange Stickman: Gun ShopAmazing Crime Strange Stickman: Gameplay Stickman RunningAmazing Crime Strange Stickman: Gameplay Exploding Street

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