Battle Simulator: Prison & Police

Rating: 4.5

(177 votes)

Battle Simulator: Prison & Police

Battle Simulator: Prison & Police is a cool strategy prison battle game in which you have to send out units to fight against inmates and you can play it online and for free on You can select different types of guards, from simple baton guards to stronger electro cops or even FBI agents. Place them wherever you think will work better for the fight and spend your money wisely.

On every level you will have a limited budget, so think which units to use and create the perfect combination. Maybe shield guards would work better right on front, teaser guards could be placed on the back to keep some distance. Choose the perfect formation for your team and have fun playing Battle Simulator: Prison & Police!

Controls: Mouse


Battle Simulator: Prison & Police: Police PrisonBattle Simulator: Prison & Police: Prison BreakBattle Simulator: Prison & Police: Fbi Fighting PrisonersBattle Simulator: Prison & Police: Set Up Defense

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