Fire and Water Geometry Dash

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Fire and Water Geometry Dash

Fire and Water Geometry Dash is a very interesting switch of the original geometry dash and this one is surely more challenging! You can play this game online and for free on! You surely have already heard about Geometry Dash, haven’t you?`It’s a cool and really challenging reaction game in which you have to jump at the right moment to avoid obstacles and gaps. Well, this is Fire and Water Geometry Dash, a cooler and hotter version that comes with a little twist to make it even more fun-addicting.

The floor you slide through is now really hot or really cold and wet, so you have to switch the cube shaped character between fire and water mode. Collect the stars in every level on your way to buy new funny looking cubes. You can equip different faces for either the ice cube or the fire cube. So, act fast and jump and switch modes on perfect timing to reach as far as you can. Enjoy Fire and Water Geometry Dash!

Controls: Mouse


Fire And Water Geometry Dash: MenuFire And Water Geometry Dash: Gameplay ReactionFire And Water Geometry Dash: Gameplay Fire Water One ButtonFire And Water Geometry Dash: Jumping Reaction Gameplay

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