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What are Music Games?

Music Games are tapping and rhythm games which you play in the flow of a beat and melody. With our best free online music games, here at, you get to enjoy the sounds of piano keys or put together an awesome DJ set. The musical challenges in our fun new melody games for kids will keep you on your toes, as you try to make it past each level. If music is only your jam in theory, try some of our fun and addicting trivia games and see if you can guess the right answers.

Play the amazing and funny game Choir, a brilliant music making game in which you get to control an entire choir to create some beautiful melodies. Take control of this four part harmony choir and check out the different chords you can play to build fascinating sounds with. Another really fun one is Blob Opera, a cool music creating game in which you can control four different blob singers to make the most amazing harmonies inside an opera. Start by a very short introduction to each one of your voices and you will find out you can control, not only their notes, but their frases as well.

Thanks to our free online music games, you can even try your hands at playing an instrument like a guitar or a piano. Our top fun rhythm games will have you tapping black and white keys in time with an awesome song, and pick up bits and pieces of musical theory along the way. Explore your inner DJ and musical geniues with our top new music games for kids all while having fun for free. Prove your love for music and history with our awesome and exciting trivia games, online and for free on!

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