Firefighters Truck 2

Rating: 3.9

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Firefighters Truck 2

Firefighters Truck 2 is a fun raving game, in which you have to hurry to the fire and extinguish it. Help the firemen to do a good job and drive them in case of emergency immediately to the destination to put out the fire. Race your giant red fire engine as fast as possible through the whole city, check the map to know the route and take care of other cars, people or objects.

Don't crash too often or someone else has to extinguish your fire. Mind the pedestrians, once you run over someone, you will have to start the level all over again. Do you think you can master each and every level and get to the fire in time every time to become the firefighter of the year? Find out now, good luck and enjoy Firefighters Truck 2 online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = Drive


Firefighters Truck 2: MenuFirefighters Truck 2: Gameplay Fire FighterFirefighters Truck 2: Extinghuishing Fire GameplayFirefighters Truck 2: Gameplay Speed Fire

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