Interactive Buddy

Rating: 3.7

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Interactive Buddy

Haven't you always wanted an Interactive Buddy? Somebody to poke, prod and push around just to see how they would react? Here you can watch the little grey guy deal with all kinds of weirdness. From playing around with gravity, to baseballs and rubber balls appearing out of thin air. Even grenades, Molotov cocktails and fireballs get lobbied around in here.

Watch their mood change to what inexplicable fate befalls them thanks to your decisions. Will they run around on fire? Will they wonder why somebody keeps throwing infants at them? And if you really want a laugh, you can dress them up as famous (and some infamous) people and push them around some more. Have a chuckle and try out the fun physics engine in Interactive Buddy!

Controls: Mouse


Interactive Buddy: GameplayInteractive Buddy: RagdollInteractive Buddy: ScreenshotInteractive Buddy: Torture

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