Mexico Rex

Rating: 3.8

(1177 votes)

Mexico Rex

Mexiko Rex is an action game with an extreme version of a T-Rex and you can play it online and for free on The giant T-Rex's back and he is more powerful than ever. Armed with a machine gun he returns to North America to go on a murderous frenzy through Mexico.

Operate the violent dino and smash up buildings, shoot vehicles, eat humans and more. Equipped with an extremely cool machine gun you can rampage through the city and leave no one alive. Your goal in Mexico Rex is to tear appart the whole country. Ready to rumble? Enjoy Mexiko Rex!

Controls: Arrows / WAD = Move / Jump, Mouse = Attack / Shoot


Mexico Rex: MenuMexico Rex: ShootingMexico Rex: DestroyMexico Rex: Tyronnasaurus RexMexico Rex: Final Score

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