Mineworld Horror Mansion

Rating: 4.3

(92 votes)

Mineworld Horror Mansion

Mineworld Horror Mansion is a fascinating first person shooter with block graphics in which you have to enter a post-apocalyptic place full of evil zombies. You were sent to deal with a huge problem caused by some stupid scientists playing God, and you only have a handgun and your tasty brain to solve this mess.

Walk around the area to interact with all sorts of things, find keys, read papers laying around, search for ammo and health and try not to end up killed by the blood-thirsty brain eaters. Do you think you are skilled and smart enough to solve every stage of this zombie shooting game? Have fun playing Mineworld Horror Mansion, another free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Shift = run, Space = jump, F = interact with objects


Mineworld Horror Mansion: MenuMineworld Horror Mansion: Gameplay Shooting Blocky WorldMineworld Horror Mansion: Bloody Blocky CharacterMineworld Horror Mansion: First Person Shooter

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