Perfect Slices

Rating: 4.2

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Perfect Slices

Perfect Slices is a satisfying game where you have to slice food with a knife and you can play it online and for free on As different kinds of food advances on a moving platform, your goal is to cut perfect slices out of it. Be careful not to hit the brown spaces of the platform or you will destroy your knife. In every level you need to cut a certain amount of slices to complete it, so keep cutting until you reach your target.

Start with cutting some bananas, oranges and eggplants and then move on to some delicious white bread. The further you proceed the more sliced you will have to cut. In some levels the objects are changing, which makes it even harder to always cut the perfect slice. Cutting is a very satisfying task and thanks to this great game you can do it all day long. Enjoy Perfect Slices!

Controls: Mouse


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