Fruit Games

Unlike money, they actually grow on trees. That's why these Fruit Games are arguably 100% natural and organic. The vegan taste-makers here at have taken it upon themselves to provide you with a fresh sample of games. Take a bite out of the squishy centre and enjoy their sweet and juicy goodness.

Fruits carry seeds of the tree or bush, they're growing on. The edible parts of which are generally sought after by humans as they provide healthy nourishment, as well as tasting really, really great. In most fruit games you will find melons, oranges, apples, bananas, pineapples or all kinds of berries. They are some of the most recognisable and easily named fruits out there. Some of which you will have to keep safe from all kinds of sharp and dangerous objects. Others you will have to expertly slice, smash or otherwise remove by solving clever puzzles. There's never a shortage of things you can do with a bunch of fruits.

Pack up all the innuendo, and get a taste of these yummy fruit games right here. Peel and lick them, or slice them and mash them into pulp. They're not just good for cocktails, fruits are a lot of fun all on their own. Don't forget you can play all the games here for free, without need for downloads or registration. Have fun!

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The Most Played Fruit Games