Planetarium 2

Rating: 4.1

(590 votes)

Planetarium 2

Planetarium 2 is a great solar system simulation in which you can watch our galaxy in action and see how the different planets and stars interact with each other. Observe how the planets travel their orbits around the sun, including the Earth, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be an astronaut and see our planet from a different perspective? This is the perfect game to forget about real life for a bit and just get amazed by the wonders of our universe.

Experiment with the planets and objects in space, move the planets and see how this affects their orbit and put other objects in their paths such as asteroids and comets. Use your mouse to move around the universe and use all kinds of options to to see what happens enjoying the breathtaking sight. Have fun in Planetarium 2!

Controls: Mouse

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