Rebuild The Universe

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Rebuild The Universe

Rebuild The Universe is an interesting science game about space and everything that is out there and you can play it online and for free on Size matters! At least if you have to rebuild the universe. You begin your work in this cool incremental game with just one single atom. Let your tiny world grow by tapping it. If you have enough atoms it maximizes itself.

There are tons of molecules, cells and a lot more for you to unlock. Every new object that you unlock comes with a detailed description. That means you can also learn a lot in this game but most importantly have a lot of fun while doing so. Try to unlock all resources to create not only the simplest of creatures that are considered alive, but also build trees, objects, humans, planets and last but not least the whole universe. Have fun with Rebuild The Universe!

Controls: Mouse


Rebuild The Universe: Menu UniverseRebuild The Universe: Neutrino Gameplay UniverseRebuild The Universe: Gameplay Universe RecreatingRebuild The Universe: Gameplay Atoms

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