Pussycat Frenzy

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Pussycat Frenzy

Pussycat Frenzy is a cute little game about the daily life of a cat and you can enjoy playing it online and for free on Silvergames.com. The goal of Pussycat Frenzy is to satisfy the needs of the little kitty. Control the nosy kitten with your mouse. So what are the essential needs of a cat? It's pretty basic actually: Play, eat, poop and sleep.

Each level there will be more cats for you to take care of. Drag the plate to a cat and take it back in order to fill it up again. Do so with the ball of wool and the litter tray as well to make all cats happy. Once a cat goes to sleep you have done a good job and can move on to another one. Do you think you can make all the cats happy? Find out now and have fund with Pussycat Frenzy!

Controls: Mouse


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