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What are Virtual Pet Games?

Virtual Pet Games is a fun animalistic category that includes match-three games, puzzle games, managing simulators and much more. If you are into small hairy creatures then this collection of sweet games is exactly the right one for you. All games are related to pets, like Me and My Dinosaur, Run Run Hamster or the popular Duck Life series. Choose your favorite kind of pet and start having some fun playing with it. There are plenty of fun animals waiting for you to make them run, jump, swim, race and much more. 

How about you start with one of the very popular Duck Life episodes, an animal simulator game in which players have to train a little duckling and take care of it. In this fun adventure you are given a duck that you need to prepare for the final race. Lead him through training exercises and build up its skills to swim, jump, run and fly. There are several episodes, where you are in space, on a treasure hunt or on a special adventure. Another sweet simulation game is Can Your Pet, where you can dress them up, feed them and wash them. Enjoy some quality time with your cute little chicken, dress it up and give it bird feed until it's full.

Play the quick and cheeky game Sushi Cat 2, one of the most addictive time wasters. The Sushi Cat is lonely and very hungry, so help the kitten out by guiding it to as much sushi as possible. Play some of these cute and lovely pet games from our virtual pet games collection. This great category is full of different kinds of animals, so whether you like dogs, cats or more extravagant pets like dinosaurs or mechanical goats, you know you will have lots of fun. Dig right into it and have fun with our great Virtual Pet Games, online and for free on!

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