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What are Swimming Games?

Welcome to our great collection of the most fun addicting free Swimming Games in the world, here on Silvergames.com! Compete in swimming matches across the United States and other countries all around the world and become a real swimming pro.

Swimming is an individual or team sport in which athletes are attempt to move through the water as fast as possible. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports. Swimming as a part of competition became popular in the 19th century, it's goal is to break personal or world records. There are several swimming styles: butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke and individual medley. The sport usually takes place in pools but also in open water like lakes and seas. Common swimwear includes a swimsuit, swim cap, goggle and snorkel. The most famous swimmers are Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Ryan Lochte and Simone Manuel. For the latest swim news you might want to visit the swimswam internet page.

So choose one of our amazing Online Swimming Race Games and go swimming with sharks, perform as many extreme stunts as possible, dive or just chill by the pool and drink cocktails. You can also become a lifeguard and save people in the waterpark from drowning. Can you win a gold medal? Have fun with our swimming games!

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