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What are Flying Games?

Flying games are simulators and action games that let you fly through the air. Futuristic new games have flying cars and motorcycles in awesome fights above our heads. Play as a dragon or superhero in these crazy free flying games. Exciting online flight games let you pilot an airplane against other people in multiplayer games. Control an animal like a bird, a flying horse or dog in the best online flying games for kids.

Flying is to move through the air without standing on solid ground or other people. Pilot an airplane through strong winds and thick clouds as part of these awesome new flying games. Simulators even let you play in futuristic settings full of flying cars and motorcycle. Some amazing free flying games have you duel big animals or other pilots. Other crazy online piloting games let you perform stunts for the birds.

You will find only the best flying games here at Play as a superhero, a dragon, a flying horse or even a pilot of a fighter jet and finish each level in record time. If you fail, your aircraft will crash and you will have to start again. Get ready for addictive fun and exciting plays high up in the air with these top free multiplayer flying games.

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