Ambulance Games

What are Ambulance Games?

Ambulance Games are driving games where the player controls an ambulance vehicle like rescue van or helicopter. Jump into your emergency transport and race through busy streets or fly to get the injured to the hospital. Your driving skills will be the deciding factor between life and death. Or simply relax with one of our online ambulance car parking games and ambulance games for kids here on!

An ambulance is an emergency vehicle, usually equipped with emergency lights and a siren. It is used to quickly transport people in need of immediate medical care to the nearest hospital, so they can be treated there. Ambulance trucks usually have the right of way and other drivers are expected to clear a path on the street to allow the medical workers in the truck enough room to move quickly. In many cases ambulances and fire trucks need to get to patients and those patients to medical installations quickly. A delay of only a few minutes can have devastating consequences.

Are you ready to take on the responsibilities of helping people in need? Will you rescue people in these free ambulance games, or expertly ram your police car or helicopter into the next wall? Will you be chasing after the perfect parking spot and waste precious time, or will you be the expert driver who helps save lives? Enjoy playing the best free ambulance games online here on!

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