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What are Godzilla Games?

Godzilla Games are cool fighting and destruction games featuring the big Japanese king of the monsters. Control this enormous undefeatable creature and destroy an entire city. Hunt and eat dinosaurs. Kill everything that moves. Destroy buildings and smash armies with your atomic heat beam. You are a running weapon, the biggest sea monster the earth have ever seen!

Godzilla is a mythical movie monster hailing from the waters of Japan. First appearing in 1954, it has since enjoyed worldwide popularity and become a pop culture icon. Starring in more than 29 films, as well as featuring in numerous video games, novels, comics and TV shows. Godzilla, sometimes written as Gojira, is depicted as an enormous, destructive, prehistoric sea monster. Awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation it's often called a "King Of Monsters". Pretty scary, huh?

In some of our free Godzilla fighting games, here on Silvergames.com, you will have to hunt this monster and try to survive as long as possible. With its awe-inspiring size and power, it's easy to be terrified and run away. Luckily, we have sought and collected the most fun and addictive online games for free. So you can now enjoy the epic destruction and carnage that only a 40 foot tall sea lizard can bring. So what are you waiting for? Mothra to come crashing down on your roof? Pick one of these amazing Godzilla games and have fun!

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