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What are Games with Gold?

Gold Games are the perfect opportunity for you to become rich, so what are you waiting for? If it's good enough for Spandau Ballet, it's good enough for all of us. The highly sought-after metal that screams opulence and decadence, now finally has its own gaming category: Gold Games. The money people here at have carefully hoarded all the shiny, pricey artifacts and games we could find and present to you a menu full of riches!

Gold is a rare, precious metal that has become synonymous with wealth, but also excellence. Gold has the chemical symbol Au, which is short for Aurum. In stories an obsession with gold shows that characters are driven by greed, as is the case with Smaug (The Hobbit) or Auric Goldfinger (James Bond). Sport competition often hand out gold medals or gold cups to its winners, as do many award ceremonies. One of them are the Academy Awards, more commonly known as Oscars, that award the most remarkable films of a year. With games, gold is an easily recognisable object or colour to attract the avid gamer. Many gold games feature coins, stars or cups made of it that you have to collect to get the highest score in a level.

So collect everything that isn't nailed down, steal it if you have to and empty these gold games of what they have hidden away in some mine or shaft. Don't forget, that while you have to pay an eye and a leg for actual gold, these games are completely free. You don't even need to download them or register to play. Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Gold Digger FRVR, Mega Miner and many more. Now that's a steal! Much fun!

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