Night Games

What are Night Games?

Night Games are fun but scary point-and-click adventures, survival games and horror shooters that will teach you what fear is. If there is one thing you have to make sure before trying to master this eerie category, it is that you are not afraid of the darkness. Shoot your way through the dead of night, work night shifts and wait for your killer or be the death yourself.

It's frightening time and you have to face death all the time. Are you ready for this challenge? Find out now and play the best Night Games online and for free on! Here you can prove that even the darkest night can't scare you in one of the spooky Five Nights at Freddy's episodes.

Here you will meet the creepy characters from Poppy Playtime and many more scary grimaces - do you think you can stand in their way and fight back. Are you scared yet? Find out if you can master this scary category and have fun playing our great collection of the best Night Games online and for free on! Much fun!

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