Paintball Games

What are Paintball Games?

Kids play cowboys & indians, but growing up means that they have to stop. Because they need the time to play Paintball Games with their friends and colleagues. Here at we've collected games to help you bridge the gap to your next paintball match. For free!

Paintball is a team-based activity in which grown men and women shoot at each other with guns. But, you know, for fun. The other big difference is of course that these guns aren't filled with regular ammunition, but instead with small paint-filled capsules that break upon impact and spread their colour all over their target. Since this is an action-filled hobby that involves guns, safety and the right equipment are paramount to participating. The costs of which can quickly baloon, so trying your hand at a digital version of it is quite sensible. In addition to that you don't even need to get permits to run across some farmer's field or rent an hour or two of playtime from one of the many parks offering paintball exercises.

So, put on your protective mask. And your protective gloves. And the rest of your protective gear and hunt your friends as enemies in these fun shooter games. You don't need to download or register to play. Simply pick any game you want and start blasting away!

Here you will find more gun, shooting and painting games.

Most Played Paintball Games