Prison Games

What are Prison Games?

Prison Games are simulation games of criminals where you have escape from jail or simulate the life of a thief, robber or murderer. Be Henry Stickman in one of the addicting stickman prison escape games and flee from the penitentiary. Build your own jailhouse in one of our free minecraft games and imprison members of the mafia and gansters. Or help a petty crook to survive the dangerous prison life without injury.

We here at have collected the best free and most entertaining prison games online. Help Henry Stickman to tscape from a prison cell through clever use of the items around you. Pick and choose clever options to get to where you want to be. Will you be wily enough to escape the authorities? Or will your prison break and end up in the jail again? There's only one way to find out!

All the prison escape games here are of course free. Just pick your adventure and have fun, thumbing your nose at guards and cops alike. Enjoy playing the best free prison games online on!

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