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What are Whale Games?

Whale Games are super fun shark destruction, swimming and multiplayer IO games that are all about the beautiful water animal. You like whales? Then Silvergames.com is the right place for you because here we have the best free Whale Games. Here you can dive into the ocean as Moby Dick and hunt octopuses, sharks and seals. You can also experience some breathtaking adventures as a huge pot whale or break into an amusement park as angry killer whale and eat all the fishes in a basin. 

Whales are real giants of the sea and are the largest living mammals and even the largest animals in the world. A blue whale can grow up to 33 meters and weigh 200 tons.  A distinction is made between baleen whales and toothed whales, which include the dolphin family. The term cetacean, in a linguistically narrower sense, may exclude the species referred to as "dolphin", so that the whole order is also referred to as "whales and dolphins".

So what are you waiting for? Your new life as a big fish is only one click away. Show people who is the king of the ocean, destroy sailors' ships and kill all the whalers. Our whale games are of course free and can be played without download and registration. Play Best Whale Shark & Killer Whale Games Online without going outside your house. As always online and for free here on Silvergames.com!

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