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What are Grow Games?

Grow games are eating and expansion games in which your goal is to become big fast. Whether it's weed or other plants, it will take careful feeding and patience to watch things grow. Thanks to our top selection of the best free online grow games, you can experience the fun and satisfaction of watching your hard and tireless work blossom in each level or simply out of a pot. Take care of a tiny baby, a nimble worm or even just a hole in the ground and feed them steadily to watch them grow.

Play Grow Valley, another awesome puzzle game from Eyezmaze, the creator of Grow Island. The aim of this grow game is to figure out how to get the perfect score with the right sequence. Click the 7 panels with your mouse in your selected order and try to think strategically. Another cool one is Grow Island, a free strategy game where players have to create a whole island. Icons on the screen represent different items you have to place on the island.

Plants, even those stuck in a pot, need constant feeding, attention and care to grow. In our new online grow games for free your task is to nurture them and protect them from harm, All while you give them what they need to thrive. Sometimes this means picking food from a menu, or picking weeds for them to eat. Other times, the challenge lies in avoiding losing your growing baby character to the dangers in each level. Our fun and addictive new grow games will challenge you constantly on your way to the high score. Have fun!

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