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Worm Games are fun action games about eating and survival of creeping animals. Eat food, grow to a big giant worm and be careful not to get killed. Play as a killer worm in one of our io games and try to survive as long as possible. Create a worm word that is longer than the words of your friends. Or simply start an online multiplayer worm game with your friends and slither around like a snake.

Worms are long invertebrate animals, that move by slithering across surfaces. Usually found in the ground burrowing through the earth, their size can range from the microscopic to the extremely large. The word worm has also been expanded to include snakes, lizards and amphibians. Because they are generally considered to be harmless, they are often the main characters in humorous video games like Worms or Earthworm Jim.

Whether you choose a multiplayer worm eating game or a crazy death worm game, it's all about survival. So shake yourself loose and explore the depths of the earth as well as the freedom of not having limbs in our free online worm games. 

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