Grow RPG

Rating: 3.8

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Grow RPG

Grow RPG is a funny turn-based strategy game in which you take on the role of the brave hero. Your mission is to build up the green globe in order to defeat your devilish opponent. Think smart and place the given objects into the growing area. You are given six different elements to place on your green globe in a sequence of your choice. But not every order will make you defeat the evil dragon at the end of the game. Try to level up as much as possible and collect lives.

Which element do you want to start with? The tree, water, a stairway, rocks, a tower, houses or a treasure chest? Maybe it will take you several tries until you master this game, but it will be worth it. Think strategically and try your luck at this funny and rewarding game Grow RPG online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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