Microbe Kombat

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Microbe Kombat

Move your mouse to move the microbe and to eat the proteins. The more proteins you eat, the more the microbe will grow. If you have a proper size, you can eat the enemies too. In order to win this is epic war, you need to destroy all opposing microbes in the ultimate Microbe Kombat.

Eating proteins will not only cause your microbe to grow but will also unlock its new abilities. Once your microbe reaches a proper size. it can split in two. Splitting will increase your ranks, yet decrease your size making you more vulnerable. Take your place on top of the food chain. Have fun playing Microbe Combat, a free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Mouse


Microbe Kombat: InstructionsMicrobe Kombat: Eating EnemiesMicrobe Kombat: GameplayMicrobe Kombat: MicrobesMicrobe Kombat: Viruses

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